Ayah sengaja gunakan media serang ibu - Anak Zainal Abidin

Ayah sengaja gunakan media serang ibu - Anak Zainal Abidin

Menerusi sebuah entri terbaru yang dimuatnaik di laman sosial Instagram miliknya, Timur, 22, meluahkan isi hati yang terbuku selepas kenyataan Zainal Abidin Tak Salahkan Anaknya Ikut Budaya Barat. Mari kita tengok komen balas anak Zainal Abidin ini :

"I suddenly received hundreds of Instagram followers yesterday and didn't know why. So, I googled myself and - well - now I do. To the people, many of whom are from the Malay community, who are newcomers to my Instagram profile, please be sure of one thing: My father clearly did this interview so he can attack my mother (as he usually does). Somewhere in this article, Papa says that he has never wronged me - dia tak pernah salahkan saya.

"That is incorrect. Dia salahkan saya every single time he says a single bad word about my mother to me or to anyone else. Dia salahkan saya when despite all the money he has, he only pays RM200 for nakfah (child support) every month. Dia salahkan saya when he told me "I will drag your mum to court until she has no money left - I will not give her anything for as long as I can control it" (translated from Manglish).

"Dia salahkan saya when he goes to the media and uses me to gain attention. He is a professional at showing the media that he is a good example of an admirable Muslim man. But when the cameras aren't around, he is anything but a good role model - so, how could you expect me to turn out to be an "anak solehah"?

"My mother is more westernized than my father, yes. But when I look at her, I see a strong woman who has raised me with the little money that she has who has succeeded in raising a happy (and educated) little girl - and I thank her for that.

"When I look at my father, I see a man who has admitted to me that he wants to see my mother, the only person who could have raised me and my mildly autistic brother, suffer for as long as he lives.

"Would I really want to be this version of a "good Muslim"? Are these values I want to share? No. I don't think so. Thanks for listening and to my Muslim friends, a gentle reminder - gossiping is a sin," tulis Timur.

Timur merupakan anak hasil perkahwinan Zainal bersama bekas isterinya, Natasha Gabriel Abdullah. Zainal dan Natasha turut dikurniakan seorang lagi anak lelaki yang bernama Mikhail, 24.

Ayah sengaja gunakan media serang ibu - Anak Zainal Abidin

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